Bed Bugs

There are" true bugs" (Hemiptera) that require the attention of the pest management professional. The two mentioned most often are the boxelder and chinch bug.
However, another bug, and old foe, which has been spotted through the country and on the rise is the bed bug. This insect belongs to the Cimicidae insect family in the order Hemiptera (Heteroptera)

Prior to World War II, bed bug infestations were common. Since the development of synthetic organic insecticides such a DDT and Chlordane, bed bug infestations in buildings have declined significantly. In fact in the United States, bed bugs infestations have been exceedingly rare in the past fifty years

This insect belongs to the Cimicidae family in the order Hemiptera (Heteroptera).
It is important to differentiate between the common bed bug and other cimicids that feed on bats and birds because control efforts can be targeted at wrong sites and infestations can continue.
The first step to control is to know where the bed bugs' harborages are located. Non-Chemical Strategies: Treatment Strategies:
Choose your treatments strategy, since bed bugs clusters are found in cracks, crevices and voids, products specially formulated for these areas are best to control the source.

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